Friday, February 17, 2012

Corgi Friday and Mardi Gras

Happy Corgi Friday everyone! 

This is my mother-in-law holding Annie and one of our barn cats, named Anubis.  As you can see...the cat is none too impressed with what's going on.  But this is a very rare moment caught on camera when both dog and cat are getting along.  The other 99% of the time, Annie is tackling any cat she can get near. 

In other corgi news...

I have had several friends send me so many cute corgi pictures and funnies lately that I couldn't help but share them with you!  Thank y'all so much for sharing these with me!

My friend Sharlee, who also has a corgi, sent me this link today.  It is a compilation of cute, smiling corgi photos doing various activities.  You can't help but laugh out loud! 

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Hope y'all have a great weekend!  Much of my family is celebrating Mardi Gras starting this weekend (including me!)!  Tonight, I made some jambalaya to start the celebration!  Do any of you celebrate Mardi Gras?  I'd love to hear about your celebrations! 

Crawfish, shrimp, corn, and potato boil at our Mardi Gras Party in 2011.

Thanks for joining me down the dirt roads!  Laissez les bons temps rouler (pronounced: Lay say lay bohn tohn roo lay)!  That's French for 'Let the good times roll'!


P.S. Dylan and I just came in from taking Annie outside before bed time and we discovered that we trapped a skunk in one of our live traps...I foresee a very stinky day tomorrow.  Peee-ewww!!

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