Monday, April 2, 2012



"Hello? Is this thing on?"

Uffda.  It's been busy, busy around here!!  So sorry I've neglected you for the past MONTH AND A HALF!!  I promise I haven't forgotten about you! 

Here's what I've been up to in a very truncated version!

1. Tending to our momma cows and getting them ready for calving to start! (Calving started about 2 weeks ago and we're about half way done already!!)

2. Celebrated Mardi Gras in fine fashion with lots of food and fun.

3. Took hunter's safety class.

4. Traveled to the big city for supplies. (aka Billings)

5. Bought a handgun in the big city.

6. Practiced shooting said handgun.

7.  Trapped 8 skunks. Pee eww!!

8.  Mourned the loss of a great neighbor who died in a plane crash. 

9. Said and continue to say many prayers for our neighbor who survived the plane crash and his brand new family.

10.  Passed my hunters' safety class and shot a 99/100 at our handgun shooting test.  So you watch yourselves! :)

11.  Enjoyed the beautiful weather we have been having with family and friends.

12. Remembered dear friends that have left this world too soon.

13. Done an enormous amount of laundry.

14. Spent way too much time on Pinterest.

15. Neglected my poor little blog. :(

16.  Worked and continue to work on landscaping our yard.  Anyone have any helpful tips for types of grass that grow best out here?  We've thought about doing sod, but not sure if we want to put in the investment. 

17. Took Annie to the vet to get spayed.  And lemme tell ya...Dylan and I were worried lil' parents pacing around town all day waiting for Annie to get done!  But she was back to her full ball of energy the next morning! 

18.  Made a quick trip to Miles City to pick up some chicks!  Hardy har har!  Oh and I also visited my family while I was in town too!  The drive home was fun listening to 25 baby chicks peep all the way home as I drove across the lovely rough highways and gravel roads.  Sorry baby chicks!  But now they are in our warm and cozy chicken coop and growing like crazy!

19. Been super busy tending to all of our momma cows and their new babies making sure everyone is healthy and well fed.  As well as keeping a very watchful eye on our momma cows that haven't calved yet!  If you're on Twitter, many ranchers use the hashtag #calving12 and post information about their calving season.  You should join in and follow me on Twitter!  I don't use Twitter very much, but I do love to follow Blake Shelton and see the funny things he has to say! 

20.  And now I'm getting ready to host Easter here in our home!  I'm excited to have family and friends out for the weekend!  We are having a spiral ham with a honey glaze, perfect potatoes au gratin, roasted asparagus, homemade rolls and croissants (made by my mother-in-law), lots of deviled eggs (thanks to our chickens for their great egg production), fresh spring salad, sugar cookies, fresh fruit from our local 4-H'ers, and lemon meringue cheesecake!  There will be lots of people here and I'm looking forward to it! 

What are your plans for Easter?  Are you hosting or travelling to a family or friends?  I'd love to hear about what you're eating for Easter dinner! 

Thanks for keeping with me everyone!  I sure hope things ease up a bit, because I have some fabulous things to share with you!  Until next time...

Keep dreamin' big and always Carpe Diem,


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