Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Turquoise Tuesday

Welcome to the latest installment of Turquoise Tuesday! 

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the most wonderful, fantastic, beautiful website and have found some awesome turquoise jewelry there!  And the best part is, you don't have to sell a kidney to get a gorgeous piece of jewelry! 

Silver Tribe has a very LARGE selection of Southwestern and Native American jewelry and art.  They have everything from rings and bracelets to Kachina Dolls and pottery!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that are relatively inexpensive!  (Notice I said inexpensive and not cheap...there's a difference!)

$39.99 for this ring!  Link is *here*

Here is another gorgeous turquoise ring!
$20.49 for this ring!  Link is *here*
And while you're navigating Silver Tribe's ring section, I've found it best to click on your ring size section on the left hand menu.  Otherwise you can get lost in a sea of choices that might not be for you!

There are also lots of beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair barrettes, and more in EVERY color imaginable!  And I'm sure you'll have no problem finding all of them on the website! 

Make sure to share this website with your main squeeze especially since Valentine's Day is just around the bend! 

Keep on rockin' the free world and seize the carp!


Disclaimer Alert! 
This ain't no paid promotion of Silver Tribe!  I just love 'em and wanted to share! Over and out!

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go!

Ok...so it's not hunting season in Montana, but I've got to get ready for hunting season next fall!

Mule deer buck and doe *image from here*
My husband (Dylan) will be heading to town with me later this week to get signed up for hunter's safety!  But it's not for him...it's for ME!  Dylan is just coming with me for moral support.  Such a nice guy!  I know...I know..."How can Whitney not have her hunting license yet?"  Well lemme tell you how it all went down.

Back when I was a youngin', I played a lot of basketball so I didn't take the hunter's safety course when most kids in Montana take the course around the age of 13.  So now, here I am, a 24 year old ranch woman without a hunting license (which by the way, is a sin in the ranch woman handbook...ok, not really)!  Hunting is a big deal in Montana, not only for the hopes of finding the big trophy animals but also as a way for many folks to add some extra meat to their freezers. 

Dylan and his mule deer buck in 2010
In addition to taking the hunter's safety course, this course will also help me fulfill the requirements to obtain a concealed weapons permit.  So watch out! I'll be a Pistol Packin' Mama!
Image from here
I'm really excited to finally get my hunting license because all of my life I have went hunting but never gotten to actually kill a deer!  I've just always helped with all of the 'work' part of it, like field dressing the deer (removing the innards), cutting up the deer, wrapping the meat, or taking the deer to the meat processor.  So hopefully this next fall I can share pictures and stories with all of you about my first deer!

What about you?  Do you have any great hunting stories?  I'd love to hear them! 

Thanks for joining me down the dirt roads!  Keep dreamin' those 'big buck' dreams!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Corgi Friday!

Hello again, my name is Whitney and I'm also addicted to corgis!  So I thought that on Fridays, I should dedicate the blog post to my corgi, Annie, and other corgis around the world! 
Annie at 6 weeks old!
Corgi Friday was started by the bloggers at Warming Glow.  As near as I can tell, they blog and somewhat mock TV and media.  BUT they have dedicated their Friday's to corgis and posting pictures, videos, and stories about corgis

A little background on corgis, specifically Pembroke Welsh corgis.  According to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, legend has it that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an "enchanted" dog, and certainly this must be true! It was said that corgis were used by the fairies and elves of Wales to pull fairy coaches, work fairy cattle, and serve as a steed for the fairy warriors. Even today those people with keen eyes and understanding hearts may see the marks of the "fairy saddle" in the coat over the shoulders.  And I totally believe it!

I can see a fairy riding Annie! Can't you? :)
Now most corgis these days are your basic pet.  But there are a few who live up to their breed and are working dogs! 
Kathy & Scott Wiley raise cattle near Musselshell, MT and have FOUR hard working corgis!  They were featured on the Animal Planet on a segment called 'Small Dogs, Big Jobs'.  They definitely earn their keep on the ranch! 

You might also know that the Queen of England has a few corgis of her own...
Image from here
Or is it this Queen that has all the corgis?
Image from here
Either way, you can tell that corgis are lovable, full of personality, and Montana State University Bobcat fans!!
MSU Bobcat vs. UM Grizzlies Football Game 2011
Annie also does a lot of work with us on the farm. 
Mr. Farmer and Annie feeding cows in the tractor.
The good news about my addiction to corgis is that I'm not alone!  I found this website last year that was specifically for those who have OCD, commonly known as Obsessive Corgi Disorder
Image from here
The funny thing is, my husband's friend just posted the link to this website on my husband's Facebook wall tonight!  Little did he know that I was already in the process of writing this blog post specifically about corgis!  He must have ESPN...er...ESP...whatever...

Anyways, I sure hope you love corgis or will come to love corgis as a result of Corgi Fridays!  If you are a lover of corgis, I'd love to hear about it! 

Thanks for joining me on the dirt roads tonight.  As always, dream big and Carpe' Diem! 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Turquoise Tuesday!

Welcome to the first installment of many Turquoise Tuesdays! 

"Hello.  My name is Whitney and I'm addicted to turquoise." 

Image from http://www.puebloturquoise.com/
Phew...now that I got that off of my chest, let me explain how I came about dubbing Tuesdays 'Turquoise Tuesday'!

I got the idea from another blog I follow Crystal Cattle.  She has been doing 'Turquoise Thursday' on her blog for quite a while now and I absolutely loved the idea.  So as I was dreaming and scheming about this blog, I thought to myself that only one day of turquoise in the blogosphere just simply wasn't enough!  BINGO!  Turquoise Tuesday was born!  So a BIG thank you to Crystal for the inspiration! 
So like Crystal, I will be featuring my favorite turquoise things!  I will also do my best to find and share with you great deals I've found on everything turquoise!!

I also invite you to follow me on Pinterest!  For those that might not have found Pinterest yet, prepare to be sucked in!  It essentially is an online way to collect, organize, and 'pin' images you have found on the internet on to organized bulletin boards.  Many (including myself) use it to gather ideas for craft projects, scrumptious recipes, decorating ideas, and of course...TURQUOISE!

But here's the deal...
If you're not on Pinterest yet, but want to be...there's a WAITING LIST!! Boo! Hiss!!

HAVE NO FEAR!  There's a way around the velvet ropes!  I can send you an invite via email and...voila!  You're in like Flynn!  So, feel free to leave your email in a comment and I will send you an email invite to Pinterest!  As soon as I'm sure that you have received the invite, I will delete your comment with the email. 
Thank you so much for joining me on the dirt road!  Until next time, keep dreaming and always Carpe' Diem!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone!

My name is Whitney.  I'm a wife, farmer, rancher, and dreamer.  I live along the dirt roads and the rolling hills of Northeastern Montana with my husband. We farm and ranch with my husband's parents.   We raise Hereford cows, winter wheat, spring wheat, feed barley, alfalfa hay, and lots of grass!  We also have a small herd of chickens and barn cats, but our corgi, Annie, keeps them in line! 

Here's a picture of, Annie! 

Annie--our Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Queen of the Farm!

My hubby and I got married this last summer in my hometown! 
Here's one of our favorite photos from it!

American Gothic circa 2011
Well, that's all for now...

I'll be sharing more about my life here on the prairie, as well as lots of funny stories and photos!  You never know what is going to happen down the dirt roads! Thanks for tagging along with me on this journey!