Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Turquoise Tuesday {finally!}

Hello all! 

It's time for a very long overdue TURQUOISE TUESDAY! Yay! But first, a short lil' update on the happenings around the farm...

We've been busy digging out from a lovely March blizzard that came through Sunday and Monday! Which coincidentally is about 90 days after we had fog! Right on time with the ol' wives tales! This also means we should be getting some more precipitation later this week, because we had a long stretch of foggy days in December! Yay for precipitation!

I can't really tell how much snow we got, because the wind blew the snow around quite a bit. But as near as I can tell, we got a little less than a foot of snow! That's a lot of snow for us here on the prairie!

I'm sure glad we bought a snow blower last year (just like every other farmer and rancher in our area). The reason why so many of us bought snow blowers for our tractors is because the winter of 2010-11 was horrid. We smashed previous records for snowfall and low temperatures. There was still snow in the hills here until June, which is absolutely unheard of! This nasty winter just so happened to be happening at the same time that our house was being built! It made the process quite interesting! But more on that later...it's time to talk TURQUOISE!

This Turquoise Tuesday a special one because these beautiful pieces of jewelry are made right here in good ol' Montana!

Kristin and her Etsy shop, Stone Creek Haven is based out of Bozeman, MT.  She learned her metalsmithing trade from a retired professor in Bozeman and I kick myself for not taking classes while I was in Bozeman too! But I digress...

Here's a lil' excerpt from Kristin's Etsy shop about her work: 
"I design and fabricate jewelry that is simple, timeless and sturdy. Because it is all hand built, please rejoice in its slight variations, much like life. The jewels can be dressed up or dressed down, complimenting your heart’s desire, as well as, your outfit. All items are handmade by me and I use fine metals and gorgeous gemstones. I really enjoy working with mixed metals! My jewelry has been field tested many times and the designs I craft are durable. I eat, breath, sleep, and exercise in all my jewelry. Because… if you aren’t lookin’ good, how can you be gardenin' good?"
I love the last sentence!  I try to explain this to my husband often because he makes fun of me if I wear some of my jewels while we're out working around the farm. I don't wear jewelry while working too often though because of the big safety hazard that comes with working with machinery and cattle! But if I know that I'm not going to be doing anything where my hand could get smashed, I wear some of my pretty rings! :)

Anyways...time to see some of the pretties!

Here is one of my favorite pieces from her shop (I'd buy it but I have big Norwegian wrists!)


I absolutely love the clasp! Don't you?!  And the rich color of that turquoise! Honey hush!

And now onto my next favorites! RINGS! These ones that I'm featuring have already been sold, but she's always adding new pretties to her shop!


And the back...

And look at these beauties!  I love the mix of metals. Gold, copper, silver, oh my!
I hope you'll stop by Kristin's Etsy shop, Stone Creek Haven, and take a gander at all of her pieces! She's a talented artist!

Happy Turquoise Tuesday everyone and always Carpe' Diem!



  1. That bracelet is just lovely!

    But explain this wives tale to me! I have never heard it. We have had a few snow storms so far, so we must have had fog very early?

    Enjoy the lovely snow. I know the ground is sure enjoying the moisture. :)

    1. Thanks, Nicole! The old wives' tale goes "90 days after fog you can expect precipitation". Which from what records I have kept is pretty darn close! We always make sure to mark on our calendar 90 days after fog. I'm always glad when we have a lot of fog because that means there's at least a good chance for precip following! We always hope that this is tale is true especially since our average annual precip is about 9 inches total! A far cry from your precip in the Midwest! :)

  2. Beautiful! The jewelry not the weather.

    1. I know, right?!!? I'm so ready for no snow! Which might not happen until summer! Haha!