Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday and Windmills

I am in love with windmills. And this one just so happens to be right out my front door.

I don't know what it is about windmills that I'm attracted to. 

It might have something to do with their towering presence on the wide open landscapes of endless grass on the prairies. 

It might have to do with their ability to give life to the dry, barren ground as the water they pump from the depths of the earth spills over the edges of the water trough. 

It might have to do with my love of watching animals drink from the water.  Like how a horse's ears pump back and forth while they're sucking in the water as they quench their thirst or how a chicken dips down and gathers water in their beak and tips their head back to let it run down their throat.

Or it might have to do with where the windmills are that I love the most; on the places I call home.

This one is on my family's ranch.  Dylan, my mom, and I were having fun with fall sunset.

My love for windmills spilled over into some of my wedding decor.

My love for windmills has even made it into my home decor.  This windmill is in my concrete shower! 
I will tell you more about my windmill shower in a later post. 

My next windmill home decor addition is going to be this! 
Found on Pinterest
What about you?  Do you love windmills or am I just a weirdo? Nevermind...don't answer that! Ha!

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Hope everyone is having a fabulous Hump Day! 

Keep dreamin' and Carpe' diem!



  1. you are just a wierdo! haha jk, really cool shower! I do want to see more! Cory said your house was really nice...maybe someday I will get to see it!

    1. I knew it...I'm a weirdo. :) I would love for you to come see it! I guess you can bring Cory least he'll be under supervision then! Haha!

  2. Love windmills! You're wierdo just like me :) AND....I'm in love with your shower!!!